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Welcome to Fall Edition of our newsletter! In this issue, you will find more information on our upcoming client survey, our rebranded TSX Trust LinkedIn page, information on our interlisted services, and more. We are always interested in your feedback, and as always we invite you to contact your Relationship Manager to share your views.

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Fall 2019
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Evolving your Investor Relations strategy 

As a former investment banker that spent the bulk of my 20+ year career at independent dealers, I have had a firsthand view of the changing landscape in Canada’s public markets -- especially for small-to-mid cap companies. For many years, their path to access capital was fairly straight forward: attend a few domestic trade events and go on periodic investor roadshows -- arranged and hosted by their preferred investment dealer or broker.   

With the shrinking boutique investment dealer network in Canada and the consolidation of wealth management firms, many Canadian public companies that historically relied heavily on these independent dealers have now resorted to DIY investor relations. 

Domestic conferences, such as PDAC and VRIC (mining) and CAPP (energy) have always been, and remain, critical for resource companies to attend. And in recent years, the Cantech and Collision conferences have emerged as must-attends for technology companies.   

In fact, new conferences for every sector and sub-sector seem to be emerging each month. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to navigate -- not to mention, extremely expensive and potentially time consuming.   

Attending these conferences can be critical for companies to generate leads for business development, new suppliers, strategic partners, investors and acquiring talent. A well-attended conference could supply a company with hundreds of new contacts. Parsing through those leads, and following up, then becomes a critical challenge for most of these companies. 

A burgeoning trend, connected with capital formation, is the emergence of new service providers that connect issuers with investors. 121, Capital Event Conferences, International Deal Gateway, DC Finance and Virtual Investor Conferences (just to name a few) are providing essential investor connectivity for TSX- and TSXV-listed companies. These conferences typically charge corporate attendees a fee to attend their events, and then offer their network of investors free access. 

The result can be game-changing for some companies. These events have the potential to significantly improve access to capital on a global scale. However, proceed with caution. Many event organizers may promise important connections to their global network of family offices and ultra-high net worth investors. In reality, though, only a few of these conferences will be right for your particular company. 

Do your due diligence. Get referrals from other attendees. Or speak with your TSX Company Services representative. We are constantly looking for new ways to get your company connected to capital providers. If you have questions, we will do our best to guide you. 


The Market Intelligence Group (MiG) provides market information through a monthly publication called The MiG Report. The MiG Report provides year-to-date data on listings, financings and trading activity across Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, broken down by sector and region. 

Message from the CEO

Join us on LinkedIn

Welcome to the Fall edition of Insights, which as always features articles on a variety of interesting industry subjects, including more details on our upcoming client survey. We hope you will take the time to complete this questionnaire when it is sent to you. The survey is your opportunity to rate and comment on our services, tell us where we’ve done well, and where there is an opportunity for improvement. I truly look forward to seeing your feedback.  

Our newsletter, website, and the upcoming client survey are just three examples of how we are working to keep you informed of all that we do on your behalf and provide you with a way to communicate with us. And now, with the relaunch of our LinkedIn page, you will have yet another communication channel at your disposal.  

LinkedIn is a social media platform used daily by tens of millions of individuals and groups worldwide. It has become the gold standard of business-related social media content, which is why we will be using it exclusively rather than alternate social media platforms like Twitter or Youtube. In late May, we rebranded and relaunched our LinkedIn page and started publishing content on a regular basis that will be of interest to you, either pertaining directly to TSX Trust, or relating to activities of other members of the TMX Group. We invite you to follow our page, and check back often for new content, and I look forward to seeing your comments and reactions. 

In addition, over the summer, we re-energized the social media presence of our entire client service and sales team to make this great team more visible to you. I encourage you to network with your Relationship Manager and now you can also do so on LinkedIn.  Many of the team share additional content and information related to transfer agency and corporate trust that you may find useful.    

To get to TSX Trust’s LinkedIn page, follow this link.  My own LinkedIn page can be found here.  

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MiG Report

Interlisted services

Many Canadian publicly traded companies choose to be interlisted (sometimes also referred to as “dual-listed”) on a second stock exchange. While our clients interlist all over the world, the vast majority choose to do so on U.S. exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.  

Interlisting accomplishes two things. First, it increases a security’s liquidity by providing an  additional market for the issuer’s stock. Second, it increases the public profile of the company, which may in turn make it easier to raise capital and enhance the issuer’s profile.  

However, listing on a foreign exchange requires compliance with an additional set of rules which will  certainly be different than those of Canadian exchanges, and may well also be more onerous. This means additional costs for the issuer. A decision to interlist must therefore be made only after weighing the benefits of listing in additional markets against the costs of doing so.

If you choose to be interlisted, you will require the services of a “co-transfer agent.”  For TSX Trust, in the U.S, this role is carried out by Continental Stock Transfer and Trust (CSTT), who can fully interact with the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and facilitate transfers made by U.S. shareholders for both certificated and non-certificated positions.   

There are several benefits when you use CSTT co-transfer agency services through TSX Trust.  

First, you do not need to sign a second transfer agency agreement. Our master agreement with CSTT covers all individual clients using this service, and you will receive only one invoice. Second, standardized processes ensure efficiency and accuracy, including timely updates of the share register whenever transactions occur in the U.S. And third, we can offer these services at a highly competitive price through volume pricing, which also reflects both the U.S. exchange you choose for interlisting and the number of transfers you expect to do.    

If you currently use a U.S. co-transfer agent other than CSTT, your Relationship Manager can help you migrate to CSTT. And if you are currently not listed in the United States (or any other jurisdiction) but would like to do so, contact your Relationship Manager to learn what’s involved and how we can help.

Escrow Services at TSX Trust 

As the largest Canadian-owned Transfer Agent and provider of Corporate Trust Services, TSX Trust is an independent agent, offering third-party escrow services and solutions to both public and private companies. 

Our escrow services range from cash and securities to software and regulatory escrows. When you appoint TSX Trust as your escrow agent, we will hold assets in line with your instructions and contractual obligations. Since every escrow transaction is different, we will work with you and your legal and financial advisors to ensure we customize our services to meet your needs, and that the best solutions are reflected in you escrow agreements.

Like all our products and services, in appointing TSX Trust as your escrow agent, you will be assigned a dedicated trust officer who will manage all aspects of your escrow transaction from inception and day-to-day administration to discharge. Your trust officer is in turn backed by an experienced team of professionals who ensure that your escrow needs are seamlessly co-ordinated with the other services you require. You can expect personalized, highly responsive service and creativity and flexibility in dealing with all types of situations that may arise during a transaction. You can be confident that your assets are secure throughout the duration of the escrow period.

With offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal, TSX Trust is a leading provider of transfer agency and corporate trust services, dedicated to serving our clients with proven expertise, efficiency and professionalism. As part of TMX Group, we have a unique relationship with the largest capital formation ecosystem in the country, and we are able to leverage leading technology and information security. TSX Trust is a federally regulated trust company with strict internal controls and all relevant insurance, providing security and peace of mind.

For more information

Please contact your Relationship Manager, or a member of our Sales Team at 

The 2019 Proxy Planning Presentation, co-hosted by TMX and the Canadian Investor Relations Institute is available to download from the CIRI website. The webinar features industry experts who share proxy trends for 2019.

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2019 Proxy Planning Presentation

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Client Survey

In our summer edition of Insights, we shared that we will be distributing our 2019 client survey in mid-September.  

We hope you take a few minutes to complete it, as your feedback is extremely important to us and lets us understand how we can better serve you, our valued clients. Your feedback will help us improve service delivery, product offerings, processes, and help shape how we interact with you. If you have any suggestions in the meantime, feel free to share them with your Relationship Manager (

Also, by completing the quick survey, we will make a donation to the Children’s Foundation on your behalf if you include your name in the survey responses. 

Please watch for the survey in your email!  

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